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AmHeritance is an online service to document family genealogy and heritage, chronicle for cities and landmarks, connect between languages and local dialects, documents, photographs, articles, artworks and poems that document all of the above. The website allows members to registered, create and manage their profile and their families, add files and images to build and print their family tree, and communicate with family members and relatives.

The service is owned and managed by (referred to as "The Foundation", "we", "our" or "us". "You" or "your" referred to members over the age of 13 and, in some countries, 14 years of age.

In this Privacy Policy we provide information about what personal information is collected and why, how the Foundation uses this information, how a member can control information, determine what to post, share with other members, make it publicly available, or delete content.

Most of the information about family trees and family documents is uploaded and added by members for their own purposes. We recognize the sensitivity and confidentiality of information disclosed by members when registering, or when building their family tree. We are committed to protecting your privacy.

By registering or using the website Services, you agree to collect, use and disclose your personal information in accordance with this Policy.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

If we decide to change our Privacy Policy, we will issue an updated version on a specific date and will notify you by email or other appropriate means to be aware of the information we collect, how we use it, and disclose it under a circumstance in accordance with applicable law. If you do not agree with the Privacy Policy or change and as a result do not want us to use or retain your information in accordance with the terms that have changed, you may contact us (see contact information at the bottom of the document) and we will delete your information and / or account.

Your use of the website after any change to the Privacy Policy means that you accept the changes in effect at the time. If you disagree with this Privacy Policy, please do not use the website.

Our Services

Our goal and mission is to help everyone discover, preserve and share their family history, connect it with current and historical cities, languages, and dialects. We do this by using the resources available on our website and in cooperation with our users. This may include collecting, processing, storing and sharing personal information. It is responsibly and transparently and securely to enhance credibility and trust.

The website allows its members to build their family trees and connect them to other trees to reach a central tree that connects several families with each other, allowing users to search the trees of the families of other participants and historical records to feed their families search.

Family page

A log for everyone in the family tree is created under one of the following categories, and each category has different levels of privacy:

A member can mark any male or female as a public figure - if has the edit permission, so that all personal information related to the record is available to the public.

The levels of privacy are open to public by default on Clan and Branch profiles. This profile page shows the information of the clan or the branch, the life story, statistics of the members number, the most common names, and a list of the public figures.

The member can add information about his or her family relatives (living and deceased), adding information about living relatives requires to obtain their prior consent. Before adding information about under legal age relatives to the family tree, the member must take the consent of their parents or guardians.

All previous categories will have their first name visible to the public in the family tree charts at all levels of privacy, except females, the member can decide if the name of the female will be hidden in the tree, and determines what other information from the family site and personal pages visible and searchable by other members or discovered by search engines such as Google, set up privacy preferences (as shown here).

Personal information entered by you and others is stored on the website solely for the purpose of providing service to you and other members, viewing the family tree printing family tree, searching historical records, and other genealogical features.

What personal information does the site collect from you or from you?

We only collect information that we believe is necessary for legitimate uses of our business, including the providing the service to you. Following is a list of the types of personal information that we request, collect or you provide:

How do we use your personal information?

We use your personal information to meet the purposes for which you have provided personal data, such as showing your family tree, finding kinship to someone else, printing the family tree, and calculating the birth and death dates of people in the same family tree and statistical calculations. In order to get a good level of service, we will use your personal data to serve you in searching for possible matches of your family tree with other trees, and enable you and other members to communicate with each other.

Will the Foundation disclose any of your personal information to a third party?

None of the personal information provided by our members is distributed outside your family's site and in any way. Personal information provided by our members will not be sold, licensed, or shared by us with an advertiser, sponsor, partner, or third party.

The Foundation will not disclose any of your personal information except in the very specific circumstances set out below

  1. If required by law, regulatory authorities, legal procedures or to protect the rights or property of the Foundation or other members (including outside your country of residence)
  2. To enforce our Terms and Conditions
  3. To protect our rights, privacy, security, confidentiality, reputation or property, and / or to the AmHeritance on the Internet or so on.
  4. To prevent fraud or cyber crime
  5. To allow us to pursue available remedies or to minimize the damage we may suffer; or
  6. To investigate cases of abuse of our privacy policy.

How do you report, edit or delete information about yourself or your family?

Please note that if you or we delete your information or account, copies of the information may remain available for viewing elsewhere for a period of time, such as those previously published or where the privacy level is publicly available and has been detected by search engines or has been stored by someone.

Backups: Some information that has been deleted may remain as backups for a specific time for our internal business purposes but will not be available to you or others.

In case you need more help, you can send an email to [email protected] to ask us to help delete any information you want to delete, and your request will be promptly processed by us unless it is found to be illegal.

IP Addresses, Cookies and Non-Personal Information

Who will be able to see your family page?

Initially, the member who added a record and entered information is the only one who has access to that personal page. While the privacy level of the clan or branch pages is publicly accessible, the page administrator (creator) can change the privacy level and grant permissions to other members to edit or delete, then it is the responsibility of these members to help keep the site insured. Each member is responsible for protecting their username and password.

Who will be able to find information on your family site?

Information about deceased individuals and public figures in your family tree, including photos, can be accessed by other members  who use the search facilities on the foundation's website for the purpose of searching for these members about their past and finding relatives in your family tree. If you do not want others to find information in your family tree, you can change the privacy of these people until they are excluded from the site's search engines for historical records.

When you provide us with any personal information, such personal information may be transmitted and stored by us in a secure location that provides different levels of protection for personal data than in your country of residence. By providing us with personal information you accept the transfer, processing and storage of personal information in our data center. We take all appropriate measures to ensure the privacy and protection of data provided by you. We attach great importance to securing the personal information of our members. We have security standards in place to try to protect against loss, misuse or alteration of a member's data. Security and privacy levels are reviewed periodically and strengthened where necessary, and only authorized persons have access to personal data. While we can not guarantee loss, there will be no misuse or alteration of data, and we are doing our best to prevent this.

In addition, you must make sure that the information or material that you want to place on the site about any living person, is published only after their prior knowledge and consent. If a person is under the legal age to enter into agreements (usually 18 years), you acknowledge that you have obtained consent from the parent or guardian to a person under the age of the law to enter into agreements. In all cases, the effects of consent (or parent / guardian if any) should be made clear to the person.

Edit and Delete Information

If you have edit and delete permissions, click the edit button at the top right of the page, then from the drop-down menu and select:

Change Privacy Settings

If you have edit and delete permissions, click the edit button at the top right of the page, then from the drop-down menu and select "Privacy Settings"

Contact us regarding privacy

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, the transactions of this website, your interactions with the website, or wish to request access or receive information about what personal information we hold about you, update and correct inaccuracies in your personal information, (In the case of legitimate reasons) your personal information is processed (please note that the right to access personal information may in some cases be limited), you can contact us by sending an email to [email protected].

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